Changing COVID restrictions and our Club – a letter from our President.

To all NASLSC members

Finally, some good COVID related news !!

As everyone will know, yesterday saw a relaxation of a number of NSW Health orders. COVIDSafe plans are now in place for all active aspects of our Club’s operation effective from Monday October 11th. The impact of these relaxed rules is very positive for our Club and is as follows;

The Gym is now open again for fully vaccinated and 2021/22 financial members. To gain access to the gym please email Sharon at and request access, plus attach proof of vaccination. Your entry fob will then be programmed to provide access.The gym caters for a maximum of 4 vaccinated members at any one time and still requires you to sign in each visit with the QR code system.
Clothing Shop.
The clothing shop is now approved to open – please watch for opening times as part of broader Nippers season announcements. Staff in the shop are fully vaccinated. Note also that clothing from the shop can also be bought on-line via our website.
The bar is approved to open once we stock up again – please watch for a future announcement of Sunday SIPS start date. Please note, as per NSW Health orders, the bar will be open only to fully vaccinated patrons, and masks are to be worn inside the Club unless you are drinking or eating, plus QR code sign-in is required as is appropriate social distancing. All of our volunteer bar managers that will be on duty are fully vaccinated. The capacity at this stage is based on the NSW Health rule of one person per 4 square metres or 9 people in the bar area and 45 people in the main hall.
Education courses can now be run outside for a maximum of 30 people and also be run inside the Club for fully vaccinated members. Appropriate sign in via QR code, proof of vaccination, social distancing and mask wearing inside is required as per the NSW Health orders. The next Bronze squad starts soon – be quick to confirm your interest by emailing Sharon at the office on
Surf Sports.
Training for surf sports is now approved in groups of up to 30 vaccinated members. Normal QR code sign in and proof of vaccination is required. If interested, please contact either Tony at or Gordon at
Patrols from this weekend can now include members under 16 and can have unlimited numbers rather than the previous restriction of 6 people. Normal QR code sign-in etc etc still applies as before. For more details please speak to your respective Patrol Captain(s).
The Club can now run events for up to 45 vaccinated patrons. Yoga classes start again next week and Pilates the week after. If you are considering running an event at the Club, please contact
The JAC held a planning meeting at the Club last night and the start date for Nippers is absolutely on track for Sunday November 7th. Watch for more updates from the JAC over the coming days.
COVID safety plans are in place for all operational aspects of the Club operating from Monday October 11th. Also room capacities and rules for inside the Club are clearly posted. If you have specific questions, please contact the Management Committee member responsible for your area of interest, else email the office at
We would also ask all our members to be kind and considerate during this time – we didn’t set the rules / we just need to adhere to them to keep our Club as safe and as enjoyable as we can. And as a volunteer based club, we can always use more volunteers to help us out. If you want to get more active in your Club, please reach out to any of the Management Committee members, or email Sharon at
Whilst vaccination is a personal choice, the Management Committee of the Club endorses the SLSNSW policy of strongly recommending vaccinations for all our members, and we also will comply with all relevant NSW Health orders as to how they affect our Club.
Roll on the 2021/22 season !!
Yours Sincerely,

Matt Slattery

Club President

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