Patrolling at North Avoca SLSC

Our proficient volunteer members form part of a rostered Patrol team which can include award holders of the Bronze Medallion, Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate, IRB Crewman and Driver Certificates, Operational First Aid, Radio Operators Certificate and Surf Rescue Certificate to name a few.

At the start of each season, a patrol roster is published in the Members Portal. Patrol teams are rostered on for half day patrols during the season.

If you are unable to attend a patrol or you wish to swap a patrol, please:

  1. If you can’t attend YOU MUST contact your Patrol Captain prior to your patrol date and have a swap or sub planned.
  2. Contact fellow patrol member/s to organize a swap directly or place on the club’s Facebook site North Avoca Patrol swaps and/or email the club with dates & request swaps be advertised via the fortnightly newsletter

North Avoca SLSC Snapshot of 2022/23

Some of the key duties carried out by the volunteer life savers throughout the 2022/23 season

Preventative Actions
First Aids
Patrol Hours

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