50 Years National Patrolling Awards for Paul Johnston, John Roderick and Gordon Crabb

North Avoca SLSC is incredibly privileged to have three members that have been patrolling North Avoca Beach for over 50 years each.

Paul Johnston received his 50 Year National Patrolling award in 2017, John Rodderick in 2018 and Gordon Crabb in 2020.

After 50 years keeping people safe at our beach, the knowledge, skill and experience these three dedicated lifesavers bring to our Club is unparalleled. There are very few other Clubs, if any, that would have this depth of experience within it’s lifesaving team.

We sincerely thank Paul, John and Gordon for their service to our Club and their commitment to sharing their skills with the current and future generations of lifesavers.

Lifesavers of another kind: Silver Salties offer sea change for seniors at North Avoca SLSC

Article courtesy of John Piggott from thesenior.com

Retired teacher Rick Parsons, 73, has a simple philosophy when it comes to staying active: “You don’t stop playing because you get old; you get old because you stop playing.”

And he lives by that belief week in, week out as a member of the Silver Salties, a program developed by Surf Lifesaving Australia to encourage physical activity and social connections among seniors at North Avoca.

Read more on Life Member Rick Parson’s interview when he sits down with John Piggott from thesenior.com to talk about Silver Salties at North Avoca SLSC.

Junior Lifesaver of the Year

Kale Puata 

2020 SLSNSW  Junior Lifesaver of the Year

2020 SLSCC Junior Lifesaver of the Year

Brooke Gillet

2020 SLSCC Junior Lifesaver of the Year

Brooke Gillet and Kale Puata were awarded the 2020 SLSCC Junior Lifesaver of the Year. Kale also went on to win the 2020 SLSNSW Junior Lifesaver of the Year.

Congratulations to these two outstanding young lifesavers! We are very proud of your efforts and dedication to surf lifesaving.

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