Life Members of North Avoca SLSC

Vivian Greer (deceased)
Vivian Greer (deceased)1965
Lance Dyer (deceased)
Lance Dyer (deceased)1966
Don Davies (deceased)
Don Davies (deceased)1968
Ian Morrison
Ian Morrison1971
Milton Hewes (deceased)
Milton Hewes (deceased)1979
Paul Johnston
Paul Johnston 1981
Gordon Crabb
Gordon Crabb 1987
John Roderick
John Roderick 1993
Gary Justin
Gary Justin1998
Steve Veness
Steve Veness 2002
Rick Parsons
Rick Parsons 2002
Les Sinfield
Les Sinfield 2007
Keiren Paull
Keiren Paull 2013
Steve Tatham (Deceased)
Steve Tatham (Deceased)2015
Matthew Slattery
Matthew Slattery 2018
Jackie Sproll
Jackie Sproll2021

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