Becoming a Lifesaver

Volunteers have been patrolling North Avoca Beach since 1956

Surf lifesaving is a volunteer, not-for-profit community based surf rescue service that operates in the summer months at North Avoca beach.

Our specialty is surf rescue plus we are first responders with an emphasis on resuscitation skills. We are trained in the use of portable oxygen and AED defibrillators. We can respond to local emergencies with urgency when patrolling.

We are easily identifiable on the beach thanks to our uniforms and flags being red and yellow and we have extensive resources including a large radio network.

Volunteers patrol North Avoca beach on all weekends and public holidays between September school holidays and Anzac Day or the last weekend of the Easter School Holidays (whichever is the later).

Our hours of volunteer patrols vary slightly according to the time of the year:

  • Outside of the Christmas School Holidays patrols operate between 9am and 5pm.
  • During the Christmas school holidays patrols operate between 9am and 6pm

If you are interested in becoming a Lifesaver at North Avoca SLSC, get in touch and find out when our next bronze course commences, please contact us at

North Avoca SLSC Snapshot of 2022/23

Some of the key duties carried out by the volunteer life savers throughout the 2022/23 season

Preventative Actions
First Aids
Patrol Hours

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