What to expect when competing for North Avoca SLSC

At North Avoca SLSC, we love to see our nippers participating at junior carnivals, growing their confidence and skills. That is why North Avoca SLSC will partially subsidise the cost of carnival entries for every child that enters.

Please note: that if the child enters a carnival and does not attend, the parents will be responsible for the entire entry fee.

The cost of the Training & Competition Levy for the 2023/24 season is:

A carnival levy is payable at the beginning of the season for all Juniors who wish to train & compete at Carnivals this season. The Levy is designed to partly cover the cost of training caps, training equipment and entries to 3 Central Coast Branch Interclub carnivals and the Branch Championships. The Levy does not cover the total cost of entering the Carnivals individually and the remainder is subsidised by the Club.

Once the Levy has been paid you will need to advise your age manager 2 weeks prior that you plan to attend those carnivals. There will be no further costs. No refunds will be given, or part payments accepted.

The number of Officials and Water Safety is dependent on entrants. If we do not supply the correct ratio our club will be disqualified. The numbers are to keep our kids safe and provide a structure so it can run smoothly. Hence, you will be asked to nominate as a Water Safety person or Official for at least two carnivals.

For further details, please contact us nippers@naslsc.com.au

North Avoca SLSC Snapshot of 2022/23

Some of the key duties carried out by the volunteer life savers throughout the 2022/23 season

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First Aids
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