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North Avoca SLSC isn’t just a surf club – it is a community. With over 500 members, and 6 Life Members that still patrol our beach, we are incredibly proud of the friendly, inclusive and enjoyable environment we create. From our nippers, to our surf sports, lifesaving and Silver Salties programs North Avoca SLSC offers something for everyone.

To become a volunteer lifesaver the first award you need to gain is the Bronze Medallion. You have to be 15 years of age for this award. The Bronze Course includes the ability to swim in both the pool and the surf, knowledge of rescue techniques, first aid, resuscitation and radio operation.

Once you have gained your Bronze Medallion, active members are then placed onto a patrol roster and are expected to perform voluntary patrols for the Club between September and May.

There are other optional awards that can be obtained to further your knowledge and skills. You can also choose to participate in Surf Sports carnivals and start training with the club.

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