North Avoca is currently in the pilot phase setting up the very first North Avoca SLSC boat crew.

Surfboat rowing is very much a team sport, you have to rely on every one of your team mates! Surfboats generally weigh around 200kgs, without the oars or crew in it. The crew is made up of four rowers and the sweep. The sweep is the person who stands up the back and steers the boat and sometimes doubles as the coach. In the earlier days of surf lifesaving, the surfboats were used to rescue swimmers in trouble that the belt swimmers couldn’t reach. The boats would regularly brave big seas to rescue bathers in trouble and also patrol for sharks. Since the advent of the IRBs (Inflatable Rescue Boats), the surfboats have been retired from active duty.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the NASLSC Boat crew please contact our Surf Boats Team Captain Alex Tkachenko or our Director of Surf Sports

Official Surf Boats Training Times 2020/21 Season:

Day Team Time Where
Tuesday Women’s 5.20am Terrigal Haven
Tuesday Men’s 5.00pm Terrigal Haven
Thursday Women’s 5.20am Terrigal Haven
Saturday Women’s 6.20am Terrigal Haven
Saturday Men’s 7.30am Terrigal Haven

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North Avoca SLSC Snapshot of 2019/20

Some of the key duties carried out by the volunteer life savers throughout the 2019/20 season

Preventative Actions
First Aids
Searches with neighbouring clubs

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